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See Q Bar in Bangkok, Thailand


Q Bar in Bangkok, Thailand-Photo-04

Q Bar in Bangkok, Thailand-Photo-04

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Since its inception almost nine years ago Q Bar has been populated by some of the hippest people in Bangkok. Personalities such as Mick Jagger, Matt Dillon, Oliver Stone, Eric Cantona, Michelle Yeoh, Steven Segal, Collin Farrell, Jackie Chan, Rick Yune, Michael Rapaport, Jay Sean, the Black Eyed Peas, the G-Unit, and the Backstreet Boys, have lounged about while soaking up the resident DJ's mix of chill-out and club tunes. Billed as the first New York style cocktail bar in the Thai capital, Q Bar attracts an edgy, cosmopolitan crowd.

Beautiful people and a variety of music along with what has always been Bangkok's best-stocked bar are what keeps people coming back so if that's your scene this is probably still the best place to go in Bangkok. it's not a large palce and is set on the site of an old Thai house that was converted into this two-story club. It looks a bit like what you might picture a S&M bar to look like from the outside -- dark and forbidding -- and the inside is slick and hi-tech looking. Regular DJs and occassionally special guest DJs spin tunes a variety of tunes depending on the night. The special attractions each night are as follows; Friday Night Fix w/Kimball Collins playing Freestyle House; Saturday Bangers & Mashups w/DJ Octo playing Remixes & Mashups of Hip-Hop, House, Rock and everything in between; Beat Therapy Sundays w/DJ's Tul and Tech-12 playing R&B & Hip-hop; Mondays - Fredrick Funk; Tuesdays - Fourplay w/Joeki playing Afro, Latin, and Percussive House; Block Party Wednesdays w/Sum-1 and Octo playing Hip-Hop Old 2 the New; Thursdays - Electro.

When we mentioned well-stocked bar we meant it, too. Check out the following list to get an idea of what you can find here: Q Bar has the most extensive stock of spirits and cocktails in Bangkok. Some highlights include: A Full page of Long Island Iced Teas including variations such as the "Paris Iced Tea" (substituting Chambord for Cola) and the Q Bar original "Bangkok Iced Tea" (substituting Red Bull for Cola).

Q Bar Features over 60 different Vodkas from around the world in their famous Vodka freezer where they are chilled to -19C;  Beside the rather pedestrian tequilas found everywhere in Bangkok, Q Bar offers its tequila connoisseurs a rare treat of over 20 fine Tequilas; Rum - Bacardi Limon. Bacard "O", Havana Club 7 Year Old, Bundaberg, Myers's Dark, Captain Morgan Spice Rum, and others. Recommended cocktail: MOJITO. Scotch Whiskey - Besides a fine array of deluxe and premium blended scotch whiskeys, Q Bar has an excellent selection of Single Malt Scotch Whiskeys; Bourbons - Jack and Jim, but where else are you going to find Blantons, Booker's, Basil Hayden's, Four Roses, Wild Turkey 12 yr. Old, Knob Creek and more; Liqueurs - You'll find a full range of Liqueurs including, Godiva, Goldschalger, Limoncello, Ramazzotti, Jagermeister, sherry and port, grappas, Chambord, Frangelico and many, many more.The bar also features one of the largest selections of liquors in any freestanding bar in all of South East Asia and pours a full New York standard 1.5 oz (45ml) in each standard drink (50% larger than the Bangkok standard). Q Bar also features special liquors not found elsewhere such as Absinthe.

And if you get hungry you can go early and eat on the Balcony (where you can also smoke) and enjoy local, western and fusion dishes. 


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