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Le Normandie French Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand


Le Normandie French Restaurant In Bangkok, Thailand

Le Normandie French Restaurant In Bangkok, Thailand

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In Bangkok the Oriental Hotel's Le Normandie restaurant on the fifth floor of the hotel's author's wing was conceived and designed to provide diners with an experience that would be more associated with a French three-star Michelin restaurant. They've succeeded with a winning combination of Thai hospitality, a Swiss-Italian Executive Chef, a touch of Gallic dash and an English-influenced serving style.

It's an unlikely combination perhaps, but one that has kept Le Normandie at the pinnacle of great service and food for some years now. An extensive alteration in 1993 added a new look to the room and more highly trained Thai chefs to prepare the food. The three Thai chefs trained in France at one of the world's best known Michelin three-star restaurants, L' Oasis, near Cannes in the south of France and their teacher was the celebrated Louis Outhier.

The chefs now work under the expert leadership of Executive Chef Norbert Kostner, the man in charge of all of the Oriental's food operations. All of the training the chefs received and the ongoing work with Chef Kostner have obviously paid off because the quality of food at Le Normandie is up to the lofty standards the chefs' teacher always strove to maintain. And the high level of service comes from the efforts of Assistant Food & Beverage Manager Andrew Jordan, the English influence in the mix and formerly the restaurant's maitre'd for a number of years.

Put these components together with the lovely decor and the ambience created by scenic views of the river on one side of the long narrow room, and the city on the other, and you have a winning formula.

A recent lunch at the restaurant gave us our first opportunity to experience the work of these highly trained professionals and the result was an extremely enjoyable experience that would be welcome again any time.

The lunch menu is small and to the point with three appetizers, five entrees and three desserts. Beef, seafood and chicken were represented in the entree section and seafood dominated the appetizers. Our starting point was a heart of palm salad with avoc­ado that came as a puree in three little mounds with a grilled shrimp on top of each one. It was certainly not your average salad and was an interesting melange of flavors.

A glass of red French house wine accompanied the meal and was dry and eminently drinkable, although the name was never ascertained. Just ask for the house red.

The main course was based simplicity and carried off by superlative execution. A beautiful piece of red snapper was grilled and placed atop a heap of thin green beans cooked with what appeared to be pancetta and various herbs. Although it was very straightforward, the freshness of the fish and the fact that it was not overpowered by its accompaniments gave the dish its special elan.

Dessert was a warm apple tart with a delightful green apple sorbet that was light and refreshing yet satisfyingly sweet enough.

We lingered after eating, watching the Chao Praya river sweep lazily to the sea as the constant river traffic plied its surface. Leaving was not something we looked forward to, but it had to be done as we reflected on the dining experience we had just sat through. Wouldn't it be great, we thought, to be able to eat lunch at Le Normandie every day? Considering the wonderful combination of influences that together provide this type of experience, the answer could only be yes.

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