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New York Steakhouse Still On Top In Bangkok, Thailand


New York Steakhouse Still On Top -- Bangkok, Thailand

New York Steakhouse Still On Top -- Bangkok, Thailand

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One of the top restaurants in Bangkok, in any cuisine category -- not just steakhouses, is the New York Steakhouse in the JW Marriott Hotel right on Sukhumvit Road at soi 2. This place opened about seven years ago and for the first five or more years of its existence it was full every night as in make a reservation or don’t eat. I haven’t checked to see if it’s completely full all the time but it’s a good idea to reserve anyway.

There may have been a little drop-off in business over the years but if that’s the case it certainly won’t have been because of the quality or service here, or value for money for that matter. Quite simply, there are more top quality steakhouses in town than there were back in 2001. New York Steakhouse was the first place to open in a major hotel that committed itself to putting out a top quality product. They were the first restaurant to import chilled (not frozen) Angus beef from the U.S. It is now not uncommon to find it in other places but New York Steakhouse was the pioneer in serving premium quality beef in Thailand.

They also created the model from which many other steakhouses in the same class approach a lot of other things like formulating a menu or creating a d├ęcor. The New York Steakhouse, by the way, is pure New York from the 1950s. At least it looks like I would envision a place from back then when the average American family, when polled on their dining preferences, chose steak as their top main course. The restaurant has heavy, almost ponderous, furniture, lots of dark wood and plenty of artwork depicting the New York of 50 years ago when Sinatra ruled supreme and the martini was the hippest drink around.

That’s another distinguishing feature of this restaurant – its giant martinis served in a traditional stemmed martini glass. And these aren’t those fou-fou designer martinis that have been the rage the last few years. These are real martinis: gin or vodka with a little vermouth and large olives. One is enough to start your meal here because you’ll want to leave plenty of space for a nice rich cabernet or shiraz to go with your steak. Of course, you don’t have to order steak here as there are some seafood choices like tuna, salmon or shrimp that are done very well, also in a classic style, but why come to a steakhouse and not get the specialty?

Before you get to the main course, however, there is some seafood that bears tasting here and that’s the oysters. They are a bit of a specialty here just as they would have been 50 years ago at a New York steak house. They have both Fine de Claire and Barron Point varieties here and you can also get them as part of the Seafood Market which is a selection of Phuket lobster tails, shrimp, oysters and mussels served on crushed ice. The main event is the steaks, though and there are several types to choose from. The certified Angus steaks are available in a tenderloin, ribeye and N.Y. Strip.

You can also get a Wagyu Australian prime rib or steak tartare, both of which are prepared tableside. Then there are the filet, ribeye, strip, T-bone and porterhouse from Australia. And if you really want to spend some money try the Kobe beef from Japan. This is the high-priced spread although beware of the larger sizes unless you have a very healthy appetite. This meat is so rich that you will be filled up for hours afterward. There are also some surf and turf combinations and other meat dishes as well.

To accompany the main courses are an array of side dishes that are tried and true steak house favorites like creamed spinach, onion rings, asparagus with hollandaise sauce and several more as well as a number of potato choices. Just like the appetizers of French onion soup, smoked salmon and lobster bisque, these dishes have all been around forever and are still favorites in this type of establishment. This is not the easiest place in town on your wallet but you know one thing if you come here: you’ll always get what you expect and that’s the mark of a great restaurant.

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New York Steakhouse Still On Top -- Bangkok, Thailand New York Steakhouse Still On Top -- Bangkok, Thailand New York Steakhouse Still On Top -- Bangkok, Thailand New York Steakhouse Still On Top -- Bangkok, Thailand New York Steakhouse Still On Top -- Bangkok, Thailand New York Steakhouse Still On Top -- Bangkok, Thailand

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