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Funky Dojo Turns Up The Heat In Club Scene In Bangkok, Thailand


Funky Dojo Turns Up The Heat In Club Scene -- Bangkok, Thailand

Funky Dojo Turns Up The Heat In Club Scene -- Bangkok, Thailand

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Funky Dojo is a, yes, let's call it that, funky club nestled in between the two Patpong sois, one and two. So that puts it right in the middle of one of Bangkok's most well-known red-light districts. The crowd here is eclectic to say the least with boys and girls mixing in with many beings of indeterminate gender as well as the occasional go-go bar denizens that wander in as well, spicing up the scene and let's not forget the bar girls, probably also some dominatrix types from the S&M bar down the street and, of course, there are numerous nationalities, races, and creeds represented here on any given night.

It's kind of open-air and the heat of the night mixing with the heat of the scene creates a volatile atmosphere, that combined with the abovementioned clientele, is akin to putting out a fire with gasoline. Great DJs are advertised here as you'll see if you keep reading. This place might be a representative microcosm of the barely controlled chaos that is the essence of Bangkok.             


G-ROM started his career in 1994 at "Queen," for the parties "Club House" organized by FG, 

and "Folies Pigalle" as guest DJ. Resident at Bataclan for David Guetta, he played every 

Saturday just after Claude Monnet.

In 1995, as resident DJ, he played every Friday with Charles Schilling for the parties 

"Crazy Baby" at "Folies Pigalle," and at the "Palace" next to Claude Monnet every Saturday. his career continued all over the place until in 2002 he became the resident DJ at the “Red Light” club in Paris and played with guest DJ’s Miss Honey Dijon, DJ Smoking Joe, Boy George, DJ Victor Calderone, Tom Neville, John Creamer, Terry Francis and SLAM. From 2004 until present he has been playing in clubs across Thailand and in Melbourne, Australia.


For over 12 years professionally, Emanuel has worked his magic behind the decks, laying 

down everything from deep, soulful, funky house to reggae dancehall dubs to obscure funk 

to disco re-edits and all sorts of music in between. Drawing from this diverse background, 

he now focuses his efforts on a driving funky tech house sound full of afro/latin & tribal 

elements which has him consistently rocking dance floors that reflect his passion, energy 

and dedication. "Being able to share the music I love with others and having complete 

freedom to control the dancefloor, for me, that’s really what it's all about.” states Emanuel.

It all started back when Emanuel attended his first wherehouse rave party back 1991 called 

Mr. Floppies in the San Francisco wherehouse district. “The parties back then were so 

crazy, creative and fresh" he remembers. "There were no boundaries back then; nobody 

came in with preconceived notions of what the music should be. It was this carefree 

attitude, with no racial barriers, sexual prejudice or religious differences, everyone dancing 

together under one roof.” Emanuel says smiling.

Emanuel has been living in Bangkok for more than 5 years now, where he has since played 

and resided at some of the most popular venues in town and abroad.

Fred Jungo

DJ Fred Jungo kickstarted his DJ career in 1990 at the age of 17. He had worked in a record shop for 3 years and had started mixing "all style" in a bar. In 1991, thanks to the resident DJ of "Le Select," one of the hippest clubs in this side of Switzerland, he got a weekly spot. From then on things went quite fast: in the summer of '91 Fred got a "summer job " in THE club of Dubrovnik (Croatia): "Napoleon International .” Then on his way back to Switzerland he got a full time deal with the  "Select " and went on with a four-year tour of Swiss clubs.

His talent as a house DJ was fully recognized from 1995 onwards.

From 2002 onwards, Fred played intensively in almost all Thai clubs with a house orientation. In September of the same year, he got a week-end residency at Bed Supperclub. Fred still plays at Bed Supperclub every weekend and does some performances in KL, Singapore and all over Thailand from Chiang Mai to Rayong, for prestigious clubs, private beach parties or events for big fashion brands.

DJ Saint-Vincent

DJ Saint-Vincent's first love for music started with Disco and then Hip-Hop. But when electronic music hit his ears in the late 80's via Parisian radio’s "Maxximum," "FG" and "Nova," he literally fell into House Music. In 1994, he moved to England and became more and more fascinated by the art of DJing. He then decided to start mixing. A few months later, DJ Saint-Vincent got his first gigs in Southern Spain, rocking Marbella's local clubs and beach parties. Back in London, he was becoming more involved by running/playing two weekly nights at both Grays Inn (Morph) and the Paradise Bar (Sunday Roast) until the end of 1999.

From 1999 to 2002, Dj Saint-Vincent regularly played at various London spots (Medicine Bar, Plastic People, Q Bar…) and this is when DJ Saint-Vincent played in Singapore and Bangkok, respectively at Pink and Tapas in 2000 that he decided to move to Asia. In 2002, he moved to Bangkok and has since been one of the most influential players in the Bangkok Club Scene by playing regularly at some of the best Bangkok spots.

DJ Saint-Vincent is simply proud to be part of the young and fresh Bangkok scene and he will continue to rock the crowds on a weekly basis by spreading his unique blend of House Music, whether funky, deep or electro.

Funky Dojo Turns Up The Heat In Club Scene -- Bangkok, Thailand Funky Dojo Turns Up The Heat In Club Scene -- Bangkok, Thailand Funky Dojo Turns Up The Heat In Club Scene -- Bangkok, Thailand Funky Dojo Turns Up The Heat In Club Scene -- Bangkok, Thailand Funky Dojo Turns Up The Heat In Club Scene -- Bangkok, Thailand

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