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Centara Grand's Lifestyles on 26 Fitness Club --Bangkok, Thailand

Lifestyles on 26 is the name of the Centara Grand Hotel’s fitness and spa complex and it is, indeed, on the 26th floor of the hotel. When you are working out here you are thus afforded a great view of Bangkok’s skyline to the west, south and east.

The view inside the fitness area isn’t quite as inspiring unless you’re serious about working out and keeping in top shape and if that’s the case then there’s plenty to get excited about. The first thing to know about the club is that at this writing (Oct. 2, 2008) it is only a couple of months old and has hardly been used. Every piece of equipment is shiny and new looking and the whole space is immaculate.

Next, the whole gym is outfitted with Technogym weight machines and it also boasts a Kinesis wall system that is one of the most high-tech and versatile workout systems now available. These weight machines are all top quality with smooth action and well-designed motion for maximum effect. It’s really a pleasure working out on great machines and these certainly are. We would have liked to see a couple more pieces of equipment – a Roman bench for lower back, a pec deck and a seated calf machine, for example, since we’re still a bit old-fashioned – but the machines that are there provide suitable alternatives and the knowledgeable staff members can help you with anything you need.

Back to the Kinesis machine, though, since this system is really an interesting way to work out. As you can see from the photo, this is a cable system and there are many ways that you can use this machine. You can work one muscle group at a time or multiple groups. You can work through more than one plane of motion to give your muscles a different workout. And you can also do specific exercises that are helpful for people who play golf or other sports. Another nice thing about Kinesis is that you can really compress your workout time so if you’re on a tight schedule this can make a big difference. You can still get a full-body workout where otherwise you may not be able to.

If you still like the old methods of working out there are free weights, including a bench press machine and plenty of dumbbells as well as curling bars for biceps and triceps. There’s also an elliptical trainer, several stair machines and plenty of treadmills.

The locker room facilities include both a large sauna and steam bath and a Jacuzzi that, unfortunately, is room temperature and not heated. There’s also a cool down room with four comfortable beds to relax on.

This is a top-quality club that will probably provide you with everything that you’ll need for your workouts while you’re staying in Bangkok

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