Saturday, July 18, 2009

Genji Japanese Restaurant In Bangkok

Japanese restaurants in Bangkok are plentiful but ones that combine great attention to detail, authentic surroundings and good value are not so common. Genji Japanese restaurant in the Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel is one of those Japanese restaurants that combines all of these attributes. Along with attentive service and high-quality ingredients – a must for a top-level Japanese restaurant – Genji offers its guests an inviting place to eat good food.

I’ve eaten in many Japanese restaurants in Bangkok over the years and yet am still impressed each time I visit Genji. It’s an unpretentious place and yet elegant at the same time which creates a calm and serene atmosphere. The main dining room presents a more formal atmosphere than some Japanese restaurants that have sushi bar seating and teppanyaki grill tables, with its sushi bar separated as well as two teppanyaki rooms. There are also a number of private rooms with traditional tatami seating setups.

There is a large menu here that includes both ala carte items as well as set lunches and dinners and a special all-you-can-eat lunch buffet that is quite popular. On my last visit for lunch here I tried several items that were new to me, the most notable being a soft-shell crab tempura. I’ve had many types of tempura over the years but this was the first time I’ve had soft-shell crab and it was a welcome addition. Soft-shell crab has to be cooked with a very high heat to get the right amount of crispness and the chef did it perfectly here. I also enjoyed some salmon and scallops from the teppanyaki grill, miso soup and a sushi California roll set.

I could have ordered one of the set lunches which offer a variety of Japanese cuisine styles including grilled fish, teppanyak, sukiyaki, tempura and others along with the traditional Japanese Bento box lunch that is also on the menu. And the prices of these punches are all quite reasonable.

At dinner there are more set menus covering different specialties such as yakizakana and yakiniku as well as more teppanyaki items including Kobe beef. There are also, of course, a large selection of ala carte items covering all of the cuisine styles mentioned above. Basically, Genji can cater to just about every taste in regard to Japanese food.

So although there are many choices in Bangkok when you’re thinking about good Japanese food, Genji offers an attractive place to enjoy high quality food in an authentic setting with very good value for money.

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