Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Computer Support In Bangkok Not Easy To Find

Computer support in Bangkok can be a difficult and frustrating experience. There are many people who claim to be capable of helping you with your computer by providing business support, business maintenance or other forms of IT support in Bangkok but most have no qualifications and can cause harm to your system.

One important thing to look for when you are thinking of hiring an IT support person in Bangkok is Microsoft qualifications. Everyone who is Microsoft qualified will have an official ID card from Microsoft. If people do not have this card then they are not qualified by Microsoft and you will be taking a chance by hiring them.

Another thing that is difficult here when you’re looking for computer repair, laptop repair, IT consultants and other computer services is dealing with Thai people who have poor English language abilities. This makes it difficult for them to communicate with English-speaking people, who make up a large percentage of expatriates who are looking for computer support in Bangkok, which can lead to problems in itself.

The biggest problem is not being able to understand explanations of your basic computer repair problem. If you can’t understand what went wrong in the first place you may end up causing the same problem again by repeating some sort of unsafe action. Also, it is difficult to ask questions about computer repair problems if you have trouble communicating with the technician who is trying to help you.

Therefore, many people, myself included, like to deal with people who are native English speakers and who provide IT support and IT maintenance plans as well as computer repair and laptop repair problems. It makes it much easier and faster and you have greater peace of mind. I have had a lot of experience over the years with computer repair problems and have had lots of problems. So when I recently found a good person who is qualified and speaks English I felt a lot better about any IT support issues I might encounter in the future.

This is not meant to be just an endorsement for this Bangkok company, IT Ready, but they do have technicians who are Microsoft qualified and are native English speakers so they fulfill my two major requirements for computer repair specialists. There may be other companies that have the same type of people; I just haven’t found any others recently that meet these requirements.

So, if you need good IT support in Bangkok, remember to look for Microsoft-qualified technicians and, if possible, people who also speak English. It makes the whole process easier and will save you time and, in the long run, money. And, with the importance of your computer system to your business or home applications, it doesn’t pay to take a chance using incompetent or unqualified people.

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