Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SEO Training In Bangkok

SEO training in Bangkok is extremely limited at the time of this writing (December, 2009) as there is only one company in the city that regularly offers classes in this field. One of the reasons for this is that Thailand is quite a bit behind the U.S. and other countries where the internet is more a part of the business atmosphere. And, since this is the case, there is much less demand for people who are proficient in helping business owners drive traffic to their websites.

This lack of a widespread need for SEO services and other online marketing services is an indication of the present state of website marketing in Bangkok but the SEO training situation should gradually change as more and more businesspeople continue to realize that the future of their business is closely tied to the internet. This is especially true for people in the tourism and export industries, since their business comes largely from overseas, but it is also becoming increasingly important for companies who depend almost solely on business from local residents.

There are some areas already where local businesses are finding ways to use the internet to increase their customer base and income. Facebook is a prime example, especially for businesses like restaurants and bars. More and more of these businesses in Bangkok are setting up their own groups on Facebook and using them to reach people with news about promotions, specials, parties, menu changes, anything that might be of interest to their regular customers while at the same time adding to their friends list to keep building their group.

It will probably only be a short period of time before these people realize that while Facebook is helpful, there are also many other things that they can do to grow their business using online channels. Perhaps article marketing will be the next step they take or possibly using videos and video sharing sites to advertise their product and set up links to their sites. They would also then discover more link building techniques and also bookmarking sites and the advantages to using them.
So, as their interest in the internet as a marketing tool increases they will also need more and more expertise to successfully carry out these marketing functions.

This will spur the need for real expertise and knowledge and they will then require the services of a training company who fully understands all aspects of SEO and online marketing. These people will then also discover that the basic concepts of SEO and online marketing are easy to understand and carry out. All they need is someone to bring their attention to these techniques and help them acquire the basic skills that will allow them to become successful at SEO and online marketing.
Although the state of the training industry for SEO and online marketing is now confined to just one company this is bound to change in the coming months and years and more and more businesspeople in Bangkok realize that the future of their businesses really does lie on the internet.

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