Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Affordable Way To Get Into Top U.S. Universities

Is there any way to beat the insane admissions process and high cost of sending your child to a top US University?

According to one admissions counselor, Dr. Robert Clyne, who ran a highly successful college admissions counseling service, there is. “College admission is just crazy nowadays. My clients spend up to 30,000 dollars in preparation expenses trying to get into a top school and some still don't get admitted. Clients sometimes spend 10,000 dollars just in test preparation from classes to private tutoring.

“In today's highly uncertain economy it is harder and harder to justify this super-expensive, super-time consuming admission process, particularly if you are not a native speaker of English and need to take TOEFL. Getting high grades, gaining a leadership position in extracurricular activities, and achieving high test scores on up to four different tests is often too demanding.. Sometimes each of these tests need to be taken several times just to get into a top American college. Is the American college degree from a top school worth it? Is the admissions help to get in really worth the money.

“My new system is inexpensive and pretty much allows everyone a chance to attend a top US university if they are willing to do the work. The do not need high grades in high school, any extracurricular activities, and a very modest TOEFL score is sufficient. They definitely don't need expensive admissions counselors. For about one tenth of the average price paid for admissions counseling in Asia I can put you on a solid path.

“The key to this system is going to a top American junior college or community college and transferring to a famous four year university after two years. California has the best community colleges in the country, offering a wonderful range of experiences from major city life to beautiful beaches to beautiful mountains. Top California state universities also give preference to California Community College graduates. In short, your best chance of getting into a top school is by transferring from a California junior or community college to a famous California University like UCLA or Berkeley.

Better yet, if you go this way, you absolutely never have to take an SAT test. All you need are good grades in the right courses at a community College. At Best Path USA we help you choose and get into the right community college, we help you take the right courses, and we help you choose the right university for YOU. We even help you with housing and getting a job to pay for your education.

“There is no other service like ours and we charge you only a fraction of the cost that other counselors do. Help yourself get the education of your dreams with Best Path USA.”

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