Monday, March 30, 2009

White Cafe Catering Has Deep Roots In The Food Business

White Cafe Catering is one of Bangkok’s premier quality catering companies and its owners have a long history in the food business, stretching back over 20 years. This solid base of experience helps explain how the company has built an extensive business in the catering industry, with over 600 events every year that range from weddings and private parties to large public events of up to 4,000 people.

Top-Name Clients

There are also product launches and fashion shows and many other types of catering events that involve clients such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Mercedes, Toyota, Lancome, M.A.C., Central Pattana, Central Trading, ICC, Sansiri, Martha Stewart Furniture, the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, Adidas, Reebok, L’Oreal and many more. Although these demanding, high-profile clients hold events that vary greatly in terms of scope and theme there is always one element that they value above all else from White Cafe Catering – reliability. The events are always produced on time and as promised and that is something that is vital to anyone responsible for any kind of event.

There are other things that set White Cafe Catering apart from other caterers and that is their approach to selecting just the right food for any event. As Benya Nandakwang, co-owner and chef says, “If you tell me who you are, I can cook for you.” This is why the company’s team of account executives collects as many details as they can about the client and their wants and needs. With this information they can better design a menu and setting that will give the client exactly what they want.

Top-Level Quality

The food that White Cafe can deliver covers just about any type of cuisine that you could want and it is all prepared using only the finest of ingredients. This is another underlying philosophy of the company – quality is important. As Benya says, “Choose the best ingredients.” This is why their client roster is so impressive. Their clients are people who demand quality and depend on White Cafe to deliver it again and again since many of the company’s clients are regular customers and have been for years.

Another factor that has made the company so successful since its inception in the year 2000 is an intangible one that nevertheless may be as important as anything else these talented people provide their customers. That’s the element of creativity and as Benya puts it, “daring,” that the company thrives on. They love to try something new and different, something they’ve never done before and it’s this intangible yet vital element that helps set White Cafe apart from many other catering and events companies in Thailand and makes their events just that much better than their competitors.

A Great Time

So if you’re thinking about how to make your event be a memorable one your first call should be to White Cafe Catering. And not just for the food either. They can help plan all aspects of the event including the theme, and with their huge variety of props and decorations they can create just the right atmosphere for your guests to enjoy great food and drink. Don’t provide your guests with a good time; call White Cafe Catering and provide them with a great time.

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